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Voted Best of Mountain View 4 Years in a Row!

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The curriculum of World Martial Arts is a realistic, yet fun, challenging system that is easy to follow and safe enough for the entire family.  Our school focus is not only on the physical aspects of Martial Arts training but the mental, & spiritual as well. Training wise, students learn fighting concepts and stratagies from Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Boxing, Submission Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, various MMA fighting concepts and street self-defense. Mentally students learn the importance of being humble, setting goals, having self reliance, self discipline, and self respect. Spiritually students will learn honor, loyalty, the importance of family, having compassion, and perseverance.  Physically WMA students have the ability to defend themselves. They walk with a power of presence making them less of a target. It is our life skills that ensure students will not become the aggressor of situations. It is the confidence gained in their own ability that will keep them calm so conflicts can be diffused peacefully.



We recommend starting with our introductory special that includes a private lesson, your first pair of sparring or boxing gloves, your first belt, as well as a full month of unlimited training in our group classes for only $60!  The first lesson takes about 30 minutes and can be scheduled to fit your schedule. Some martial arts schools tell you what they do, we would rather show you.

Call 650-694-7502, email,  text or

408-603-6655 to get started today!

Our 9 year old daughter has been going to WCMA-Palo Alto for a little over 2 years now. She loves it and always looks forward to going to class everyday! The place is kept clean, and has a friendly, family-oriented environment.

All the instructors are amazing, especially KJN Peter and CGN Nelson. They have a gift of making things fun while challenging at the same time. Not only do they teach physical martial art techniques and self-defense but also emphasize lifelong lessons of respect, discipline, perseverance, and integrity. They have high expectations for all their students and are always there to encourage them every step of the way.

I highly recommend this studio for anyone wishing to learn MMA, not just for kids & teens, but also for young adults and parents as well! The passion and dedication the instructors put towards the students and their families really makes a difference. This studio won the Best of Mountain View award, and is definitely well-deserved!

Lani A.

Master instructor and owner Peter Malik and his staff at World Martial Arts are the best!  My son joined when he was in kindergarten and has been with Peter and his school for nearly a decade.  I chose this school because of Peter - he's a genuinely good guy who charges very reasonable rates and emphasizes the quality of education and the well-being of his students above all else.  When my son was young, Peter emphasized fun and ensured that my son had an enjoyable experience learning martial arts.  That then became the foundation for my son's continued interest and growth in martial arts.  As my son grew older, Peter perfected his techniques and taught him important life skills such as discipline, hard work, and perseverance.  Fast forward eight years and my son just recently earned his black belt.  Yes, earned, not given.  Peter sets high standards and does not cut corners.  His students learn the value of grit, and that is what I've valued most about Peter's approach.  Sure, there are other schools that can promise your kids a black belt in half the time, but what will they have really learned?  The fact that my son knows far more than his black belt friends from other schools is a testament to Peter and his staff.  Without a doubt, Peter and his school have my highest recommendation!

Willy L.

What People Are Saying...


Been going to this school for 10+ years .. you cannot find a better team of instructors/staff. Peter really cares about the students and puts in the time and effort to get the student to the next level.

The front office is run very efficiently by Melinda.

If you truly want to learn and get the best out of the instructions, definitely go to this place.


An amazing place for children (and adults) to learn the precise techniques of MMA, discipline, focus, and respect. This isn't a class where you goof around and everyone gets a gold star. It has the right amount of rigor for children to understand that effort and focus are required, but all done in a very supporting and caring way. The teachers are amazing. Both my children have been students for over 3 years now and we love it.


Both our kids train at WCWMA in Palo Alto.  KJN Peter and his team run a high-quality school.  They provide great programs, but I think the most unique thing about the school is how they manage to create a sense of community.  Families are invested and stay active and involved.  In terms of instruction, expectations are high but the teachers are encouraging and supportive, especially KJN Peter!



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